Kingdomfloor with a long history of environmental and innovated production, has been a forerunner to apply digital printing in SPC flooring and discover a new land of digital print products.

  • 01. Farewell to minimum order quantity

    The convenience that new technology brings is often breathtaking. Now, the customization of products is no longer limited by quantity. Under the technology of digital print, even one piece of plank can be quickly produced and processed.

  • 02. Restore the natural texture both visually and tactilely.

    The texture and touch of digital print product can be compared with real materials. Extremely restore the true touch and texture, and even the emboss ing of the material surface is vividly displayed.

  • 03. Alleviate flooring repeat problem

    Repetition of patterns is a big problem of traditional flooring designs. Under the technologi cal innovation of digital print, 36-48 pieces(Even more)Non-Repetition can be achieved according to the different sizes of floor.

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