• Herringbone flooring is a pattern produced by alternating rows of strip flooring with an elegant, upscale flooring style.The zigzag-style pattern that a herringbone layout creates is incredibly eye-catching, and when you use high-quality flooring, this design can easily make a room stand out. With innovative click system, it spends less effort to install this special flooring.

    Available sizes:

    • Rectangular visuals: 






    • Square visuals: 

      305x610mm (for visual look of 305x305mm)

      406x812mm (for visual look of 406x406mm)

      457x914mm (for visual look of 457x457mm)

      610x1220mm (for visual look of 610x610mm)

    Thickness (without underlay)

    Minimum 5.0mm for 0.3mm wearlayer

    Minimum 5.5mm for 0.55mm wearlayer


    - more realistic, visible joints providing aesthetically pleasing visuals;

    - similar to ceramics with easier installation and maintenance;

    - rectangular dimension achieving square tile visuals;

    - effectively avoiding problems of click peaking when SPC tiles are installed square to square.

    - custom colors available for grout

    Patented technology by Kingdom

    Recommended click system for true grout: I4F click

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