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Generally Used -LVT

The LVT collection brings a trendy variety of wood decors available in registered embossing and XL format. With realistic surface textures, the collection allows you to see the grains and knots just like real woods. It is suitable both for the home and commercial areas. You also have a choice when it comes to installation: all design are available for gluing, loose lay and innovative click systems.

High-end -WPC

WPC is a collection of Acoustic Vinyl CompositeCore click product, which is a new revolution of LVT. It is a perfect alternative to LVT or laminate flooring. It is an engineered flooring product that consists of a lvt top layer, compositecore and cork backing with click system. With vinyl on top, it provides a durable and resilient performance; Compositecore is an extruded layer which is waterproof with excellent dimensional stability; and cork backing ensures superior sound insulation performance.

most popular -SPC

SPC is a particularly new product in the flooring industry. It not only gathers most of the current flooring material, but also provides better performance of being water-proof, rigid, dimensionally stable, and relatively environmentally friendly.Thus it can be safely used in areas with sustained exposure to moisture, such as bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. With good rigidity, SPC provides a quieter, warmer vinyl flooring with a cushioned backing attached, thus eliminating the imperfections from the subfloor which is normally transferred through LVT. SPC is available with locking system.


Based on the marketing trend and taking into consideration of the difference between LVT,SPC,WPC,ESPC, Kingdomfloor launched 6 new collections of most popular designs for different products,which are widely accepted by customers.We hope these collections will help you when choosing colors and making decisions about marketing.
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